Time Table Class 11th

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Physics Chemistry Biology
1 N-210510 PRE-NEET-1 Units and Measurements Basic Concept of Chemistry Transport in Plants 17-10-2020 Click Here
2 N-210515 PRE-NEET-3 Motion in a Straight Line Structure of Atom The Living World 31-10-2020 Click Here
3 N-210520 PRE-NEET-5 Motion in a Plane Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Animal Kingdom 21-11-2020 Click Here
4 N-210525 PRE-NEET-7 Laws of Motion Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Plant Kingdom 05-12-2020 Click Here
5 N-210530 PRE-NEET-9 Work, Energy and Power States of Matter: Gases and Liquids Anatomy of Flowering Plants 19-12-2020 Click Here
6 N-210535 PRE-NEET-11 System of Particles and Rotational Motion Chemical Thermodynamics Morphology of Flowering Plants 02-01-2021 Click Here
7 N-210540 PRE-NEET-13 Gravitation Equilibrium Cell-The Unit of Life 16-01-2021 Click Here
8 N-210545 PRE-NEET-15 Mechanical Properties of Solids Redox Reactions Structural Organisation in Animals 30-01-2021 Click Here
9 N-210550 PRE-NEET-17 Mechanical Properties of Fluids Hydrogen Cell Cycle and Cell Division 13-02-2021 Click Here
10 N-210555 PRE-NEET-19 Thermal Properties of Matter s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) Biomolecules 27-02-2021 Click Here
11 N-210560 PRE-NEET-21 Thermodynamics-I p-Block Elements 14Periods General Introduction to p -Block Elements Breathing and Exchange of Gases 13-03-2021 Click Here
12 N-210565 PRE-NEET-23 Thermodynamics-II Organic Chemistry -Some Basic Principles and Techniques Digestion and Absorption 27-03-2021 Click Here
13 N-210570 PRE-NEET-25 Kinetic Theory Hydrocarbons: Classification of Hydrocarbons Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 10-04-2021 Click Here
14 N-210575 PRE-NEET-27 Oscillations Environmental Chemistry Respiration in Plants 24-04-2021 Click Here
15 N-210580 PRE-NEET-29 Waves Plant – Growth and Development 08-05-2021 Click Here
16 N-210585 PRE-NEET-31 Body Fluids and Circulation 22-05-2021 Click Here
17 N-210590 PRE-NEET-33 Excretory Products and their Elimination 05-06-2021 Click Here
18 N-210595 PRE-NEET-35 Locomotion and Movement 19-06-2021 Click Here
19 N-210600 PRE-NEET-37 Neural Control and Coordination 03-07-2021 Click Here
20 N-210605 PRE-NEET-39  Chemical Coordination and Integration 17-07-2021
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